How ? What ? Why ?

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How ? What ? Why ?

How ? What ? Why ?

How ? What ? Why ?

How ?

It’s UK patented and precision-engineered super-smart, two barrels of surgical stainless steel which counter-rotate as you mow your chin; comfortably and safely scissoring your hair to a hygienic, high quality graded trim wherever you mow.

What ?

It’s portable which means that you can touch up on the way to work on the bus, train or before a date. You can travel light as it’s totally self-contained and just pops in your pocket so you can whip it out to use whenever you go camping or caravanning, or away for the weekend; and you can even use it on the plane because..

Why ?

It makes no mess, no fuss and no waste. It collects hair so unlike electric trimmers it doesn’t go all over your bathroom. In fact you don’t even need to use it in a bathroom as it works without a mirror, products, or even water. So no more rituals chained to the bathroom sink, for the first time ever.

It’s self-contained and compact with NO DISPOSABLE OR CONSUMABLE PARTS. So that’s no more junk in the landfill or single-use plastic in the ocean.

(Other benefits are safety, extreme portability, ease of use, zero maintenance, zero resource consumption and zero waste in use. The mowers are built last a lifetime and be self-sharpening.)




To a neat grade 1

Upgrade any manmower to trim to grade 1, with the barbarian™ sleeve

Upgrade at the basket with a Barbarian™ sleeve to make your MANMOWER™ a monster™