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What :

The MANMOWER® is the only manual beard trimmer made today. Engineered from metal and alloy it is compact, robust, and completely self-contained.  You need nothing else to stay trim, ever, meaning you can travel light and free, as it fits in your pocket to use whenever and wherever you go.

How :

UK-made blades of stainless steel rotate easily as you roll about your chin; enjoyably, comfortably and safely scissoring your hair against an inner, to a hygienic, high quality graded trim as you 'mow'.  The comb ensures your skin is never cut. With patents granted in over 13 countries, the MANMOWER® is precision-engineered super-smart, and yet very simple. (1) As you roll (2) the comb directs hair, (2) the inner scoops up hair, and (4) hair is cut against the inner by the blades.

The comb braces the cuts, so the hair is never pulled direct from your chin.  The softer stainless steel blades hone and clean against the harder stainless steel inner as the mower is used.  (More specific queries here)

close up of blades labelled.jpg

Why :
Because you have better things to do than stand in front of a mirror shaving.  It makes no mess, takes no fuss and leaves no waste. It even collects hair.  In fact you don’t even need to use a mirror, products, or water.  So no more rituals chained to the bathroom sink, for your first time ever.  It has NO DISPOSABLE OR CONSUMABLE PARTS. So that’s no more purchases, no more junk in the landfill, no more single-use plastics.

(Further benefits for you are safety, tiny footprint and extreme portability, ease of use, lack of maintenance, no further consumption and zero waste.  It has a refund guarantee for 3 years, is built to last a lifetime and self-sharpens.)

manmower metro on rocks in wales.jpg

BARBARISMO, reg. office: 85 Leigh Road, Wimborne BH212AA / UK company #10908581  VAT #GB325567294 / Contact: +44 117 318 2181

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